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SSL: what's all the fuss about?

You have a website, then you have probably heard all the fuss about SSL certificates. So whats the deal?
SSL is an acronym for ‘secure sockets layer.’ All sounds a bit techie?Not really! 
Any business with an online presence should have one as it’s the key to protect your visitors data. OK - how do they work When your visitors information is submitted it goes through a channel of computers before it reaches your website. Information being compromised is much higher if SSL is not applied. Clever encrypted information technology (readable only to the party it is intended for with an encryption key) renders this information is useless to anyone who doesn’t have the key.
If you take payments on-line a SSL certificate is a requirement for any website that accepts payments with an encryption of at least 128-bit.But to show your visitors you the value their data, you should have one on any site. I’m staggered how many professional service companies have not adopted SSL - Solicitors, Accountants, Tax Advisors, and so on.
Perhaps they don’t know. Or don’t care. Who knows?
They probably don’t realise Google flags website that doesn’t have SSL certification.
How to easily check if you use SSL on your site
Open your website in a Chrome browser and see which of the following situations apply to you:
● If you see a green lock icon to the left of the URL, then your site supports HTTPS.● If the lock does not appear, try re-entering your website URL with “https://” instead of “http://”.● If the page doesn’t load, then your site does not support HTTPS.
Why you should definitely have one
Privacy is a matter of the highest importance for Google. But there is another really important reason why you need SSL. If you use Google Ads then you definitely need it. Google Ads recommend (and in some cases, requires) that all URLs use the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP to protect customers’ personal and financial information. Not only that, Google Ads speed-enhancing parallel tracking feature requires that all click-measuring URLs (URLs contained in the “Tracking URL” field) use HTTPS.
From October 30, 2018, parallel tracking has become the method for click measurement. Because of this, all Tracking URLs need to use HTTPS. Having a good presence on-line is tough at the best of times – you don’t have to be making it harder by getting your ads dis-allowed, or having a poor ranking for organic results just because your site is not secure.
I don’t use ads for this website - but I do have SSL on it
After all, as I tell my clients they need it whether they transact on-line or not – we practice what we preach!In conclusion - if you want to get a SSL certificate on your site – Finsbury Media can help.*
*(We will need to host your site on our dedicated server – but we can definitely help.)If you need your under performing ads to be fixed – we can help.If you want to fix your appalling SEO, you guessed it – we can help.We can’t help fix your broken office coffee machine or do the lawn.
That’s your call. But the other stuff - sure we can help!

Every business should have access to online marketing that works, and by partnering up with 3-commerce, that’s exactly what you’ll have. Give us a call on 0333 772 9369 to find out how this can work for you.

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